Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

And, so it seems, Labor Day is upon us once more. For this southern transplant, it used to mean the putting away of all things white until the next Memorial Day (for the record, I still put my white away at Labor Day, but it usually pops out again by Easter or early May).  It also used to be the first break of the school year, since school usually started in mid-August.
 But now, there is a different set of ideas and feelings that comes with Labor Day.  I now have a family and a job.  These days I spend my holidays doing things with my kids and hubby, whether it be lounging at a neighbor's pool, picking apples, going to the zoo, or meeting friends elsewhere for an adventure.  It is a rare treat for all of us to have Daddy at home--it is especially nice for the kids to get some extra Daddy-time.
What did you do on your day off?  Or did you have the day off? 


  1. Today we spent a fun day before school with the boys. We went to lunch, got a few items we needed for the house, did indoor glow in the dark mini-golf, and had ice cream. After seeing Nana and Papa quickly I went home to label everything for my soon to be third grader to have for his first day. Hope you enjoyed the day with your family.

  2. Labor day means yard work for us. But it's nice, either way, to be with family. I'm glad you had a good day!