Friday, September 9, 2011

I like to shop--for clothes, toys, and even grocery shopping.  I really enjoy seeing what's out there to inspire some new meal for my family.  But I get irritated and annoyed by the people in and around the stores.  Here is a list, though not all-inclusive, of my shopping peeves:
  1. When entering a parking lot, please note which way traffic is going; i.e. if the sign says incoming traffic has right of way, DO NOT STOP!  Please do not drive the wrong way up an aisle just because you are in a hurry--your rush may cause an accident, and then you really will be late!
  2. While I like that many stores now have Mom/Parent of Young Child parking spaces, I hate that you still have to go a ways to return your carts.  And really, wouldn't it be easier if at least a couple of the cart return areas were near the entrance to the store?
  3. Which brings me to my next gripe.  Put your dang cart away!  How hard is it to go just a few more feet to put your cart in the return?  Heaven knows we could all use the extra steps!
  4. If you are in a store with self-scan or U-scan lanes, please don't use these if you have 137 items--let's try and keep it to around 25.  
  5. When a store puts things on sale, why must it be "select varieties" of a product?  I understand that different sizes or fancier versions of things might not be at the same price, but if the only difference is flavor it's just stupid.  If you are trying to get rid of a surplus of a flavor, do a closeout on it.  Make it easy for people to shop.
  6. Another creation I love to hate is the kid carts with the cars on the front, or the even larger ones at Target or Walmart. While I love it, because it allows me to grocery shop with both of my kids (without having to chase Nathan all over creation), it really is a beast to push. 
  7.   Dear Mary Q. Shopper, you are not the only person in the store: get out of the way!  Do not stand in the middle of an aisle pretending that no one else needs to get anything off of the shelf, or just needs to get by.  Come on, if I can still be polite and say excuse me if my behemoth cart comes within 5 feet of you, you can do the same.   
  8. And for goodness sake, PLEASE don't assume it's okay to touch my children.  If you do, I take no responsibility if the little one starts screaming or if the big one says, "Hey, lady, move along!"

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