Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Still Here

I didn't blog one single time in October.  It wasn't intentional, to say the least.  Here's a condensed version of my October:
1--my mother flies in for 10 days.  Joe was supposed to go for a work training thing, but it got cancelled.  My kids couldn't get enough of Oma.

3--the 5th anniversary of my dad's passing.  A sad day (I have a post from this day, but not ready to share it yet), but tried to spend the day thinking of all the good times I had with him.

11--take mom back to the airport in Baltimore--great trip down, lousy trip home.  Keira was tired beyond belief but wouldn't fall asleep, lest she miss something.  I guess I deserve that--my mom says I was the same way at that age.

14--wake up from an evening nap on the couch, feeling like a panic attack was imminent.  Went upstairs, dosed myself with Xanax and took a shower.  Got sick, spent most of the night breathing into a paper bag, and ended up sleeping in the guest room.

15--take the children to a friend's Fall Festival.  There is tons of good food, and nothing even looks good.  Children had lots of fun.  I felt mostly okay while we were there, but didn't make it through the evening without getting sick.

16--still feeling lousy.  I can't keep anything down, begin to worry about dehydration.

17--doctor's appointment--confirms that I am likely dehydrated, and wants me admitted to the hospital (via the ER) to get IV fluids.  Come home, very upset, to pack a bag for the hospital.  I leave home in tears, leaving my son in tears and my hubby very uncertain about the situation.  I arrive at the ER, whereupon I get sick several more times as I waited most impatiently to be admitted.  I was finally admitted around 8 that night.  The nurses had a hard time finding a vein, and left several nasty bruises in the process.  Blood work comes back and the doctor doesn't seem surprised that my liver enzymes are elevated.  He talks about it being pancreatitis (very scary for a diabetic) or my gall bladder. **I have eaten nothing today.**

18--spend the day laying in a not-so-comfy hospital bed, getting pumped full of fluids and antibiotics, waiting to find out what the doctors have to say.  I am given meds for nausea and pain, but no food or drink.  Not even ice chips.  By late afternoon, a doctor comes by to tell me that they are going to put a scope down my throat to see the gall stones and see if they can move/dislodge them.

19--get a visit from sweet hubby and delightful daughter.  She was fascinated by all the monitors, but mostly by the hospital-issue comb and toothbrush!  I am prepped for my procedure around 1pm, and I am back in my room by 3 or 4pm.  **Still no food or water by mouth**

20--prepped for surgery around noon.  A second day of general anesthesia, and this time 4 little cuts (laparascopic surgery).  Back upstairs by around 5pm.  The best news of the day--I can have clear fluids (ginger ale, broth, etc).  Who knew that broth could taste so good?!  My mom also flies back to help with the children (and me, when I am home) while I am incapacitated.

21--released from hospital with a flu vaccine and pain pills.  So glad to be home with my babies and into my own bed!

27--30--Hubby flies to Notre Dame to recruit for his employer.  While there, he goes to a football game, meets up with friends and colleagues and even a family member.  No one was more deserving of this trip, but I know my mom and I (and the kids, of course) were glad to have him home!

31--Halloween!  Sent goody bags to school for Nathan, made homemade pizza for dinner, then got the kids dressed up: Nathan was James from Thomas and Friends and Keira was a pegasus.  I stayed home to hand out candy while my mom and Joe made the rounds with the kids.

How was your month?  Also, please let November be boring!  Boring is good.

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  1. Oh, Anne! I'm so glad you're feeling better. I hope November is the most calm, bland month that there ever could be!